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Anxiety Coaching

Managing Anxiety

Examining how your anxiety manifests allows us to unravel both the mental and physical triggers. By deconstructing these triggers, we can begin constructing an anxiety toolkit aimed at fostering healthier responses. Anxiety lives in the past and the future; it does not thrive in the present. Staying present is a skill we need to practice in order to get grounded in our bodies. 

Anxiety Coaching Program
Anxiety Coaching Session

Moving Towards

Becoming your own source of safety with self-soothing methods. Reframing your understanding of fear by choosing a different response to triggers. Being able to live the life you want without anxiety dictating what you can or cannot do. Start living a lifestyle that is conducive to those who are anxious.

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Coaching Pricing

In-Person, Zoom or Phone Session


1 Hour Session

Emailed Homework

Connected energy in-person

3-Session Coaching Package

(Three, 1 Hour Zoom Sessions)


SAVE $130.00

1 Hour Sessions

Emailed Homework

Offered savings year-round

8-Session Coaching Package
(Eight, 1 Hour Zoom Sessions)


SAVE $328.00

1 Hour Sessions

Emailed Homework

Located anywhere in the World

* New clients must book a FREE 15-minute consultation

* You will be charged an $80.00 cancellation fee if you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your session

* Gift Certificates available upon request

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“I can honestly say with 100% certainty that I would not be the woman I am today or where I am in my life without the guidance and tools that Trish Barillas taught me..."

Certified Yoga and Pilates Teacher, Wellness Coach, Meditator

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Are you ready to stop being afraid?

* If you're a new client please book a FREE 15-minute phone consultation.

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