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Meet Trish

I am A Life Coach…

Speaker and author with over a decade of experience in relationship, anxiety and job coaching.

I’m a survivor of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) /Panic Disorder which has plagued me all of my life. I finally found the right team of healers for my mind and body, but more importantly patience within myself.

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I was Born to Immigrant Parents…

From Guatemala who came to New York in hopes of creating better lives for their families. They both have had tough upbringings, limited education, but a will to survive. Communication was difficult. This challenge inspired me at a young age to want to help others.

Sharing My Book/Memoir…

“A Face of Anxiety” with the world on Instagram was the first step in breaking my silence and addressing the stigma of what mental illness looks like. Anxiety no longer defines me; I just allow it to flow in and out of my life. I chose to make transparency a part of my practice/message in order to let other’s know they are not alone, and that they too can overcome this.

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I am A Farmer…

Aside from my NYC practice I also run a family farm in Guazacapan, Guatemala. Barillas Farm is 87-acres of lime trees and Brahman beef cattle. The farm is organic, free-range, with no electricity; it runs as a farm would 50 years ago. We share this sacred land with friends, family and, soon to come – Grounding Retreats.

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I Started A Charity…

3GS (Gifts and Goals for Guatemala) 4 years ago on my birthday when I asked friends to donate soccer equipment in lieu of gifts. We have since worked with some influential, socially responsible organizations, to name a few – Mercado Global, EcoFiltro and IXstyle. In June of 2018, we provided 320 families clean filtered water who were affected by the Vulcan Fuego Eruption.

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Are you ready to stop being afraid?

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